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The importance of a pest control service plan in a commercial business

As a business owner with hundreds of things to think and worry about daily the last thing you want to be worrying about is pests. For many businesses they can go years without this worry cropping up and it is only when a pest infestation encroaches on their business that they realise just how detrimental a pest infestation can be on their livelihood. As with most things in life prevention is always better than a cure and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to pests in a commercial business. You may be wondering, ‘okay, so how do I prevent pests in my business then?’, the answer to this is very simple and that is having a continuous pest control plan in place. Here, at Defender Pest Control we can provide you this. We offer a bespoke range of continuous pest control plans for a wide range of businesses across Wirral and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free site survey and no obligation quote!

It is easy to think that because your business doesn’t operate within the food service industry that you will never fall victim to a pest infestation. We have seen this time and time again and witnessed just how devastating a pest infestation can be on all manner of unsuspecting businesses. From offices to retail outlets to schools we’ve seen first-hand that pests do not discriminate and truly no one is safe from these brazen intruders!

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5 reasons why your business could benefit from a continuous pest control plan

  1. Safeguard Your Business Reputation:

Your business is a pretty big investment and pests can quite easily and very quickly tear down all you have worked so hard to build. Whether it’s the sighting of a mouse on your shop floor or the swatting of flies over a romantic meal customers do not like to feel they are in a pest ridden environment. With the ever growing use of social media and internet all it takes is one bad review or social media posts to warn others not to use your services and bang your reputation begins to plumet! Once your reputation is damaged not only can you expect quieter foot fall and lack of sales it also takes a long time to build your reputation back up. By having a Defender Pest Control continuous pest. Control plan in place you can be safe in the knowledge that any pest infestation will be dealt with swiftly, efficiently, and discreetly so no one will ever find out!

  1. Stop Infestations Early:

By having a continuous pest control plan in place, we are dedicated to staying on top of any potential outbreaks well before they grow out of control. We will carry out routine visits to your site checking all bait and insect stations for signs of activity and completing a thorough check of your site so we can implement a treatment if necessary. Every pest we come across has an innate ability to reproduce quicker than most other mammals and 2 rats can very quickly become 16 if you’re not careful- on first sighting of any rat or other pest activity for that matter we will be on the case ensuring any infestation is contained and controlled in its initial beginning stage.

  1. Protect Your Revenue:

When pests invade any business they quickly set to work on pilfering anything they lay their eyes on. Pests not only damage stock and spoil foods they also use many of the materials found within a building to create nests. This spoiling and damage of foods can cause a sizeable dent in the revenue of your company not to mention the headache that comes along with having to rebuild your inventory. Rodents have been known to chew through major electrical wires and moths love to chew their way through fabric and textiles- both can cause some hefty bills. Furthermore, a pest infestation may result in your business having to temporarily close or be close down completely by local authorities causing a catastrophic dent in your revenue. A continuous pest control plan safeguards your building and any stock and allows you to continue service safe in the knowledge that your business is being closely monitored and protected from these unwanted guests!

  1. Commercial Pest Control Is Hard On Your Own:

For many businesses pest control can seem like an unnecessary cost and many opt to use a DIY approach when it comes to pests. A large percentage of businesses using this approach often come unstuck when it comes to a more complex infestation and end up calling in the experts anyway! By using Defender Pest Control in your business, you will have a highly trained and skilled technician visiting your site regularly who are more than equipped to deal with any infestation, so you don’t need to do hours on research attempting to combat the problem when ultimately it is likely to reoccur without professional intervention. Moreover, once a pest infestation has taken hold of your business it can rapidly grow and left unresolved in the initial stages can often lead to a lengthy costly treatment plan for a one of infestation which is highly likely to reoccur anyway. With a Defender Pest Control continuous pest plan you are given unlimited call outs and follow up visits on an unlimited basis with no hidden costs so often you can save money in the long run by just having a plan in place- 3 rat treatments a year can soon add up to being more than one our tailor made plans!

  1. Make Your Business More Compliant:

There are several pieces of important legislation in the UK that relate to pests in the workplace, they are: The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, The Food Safety Act 1990 & The Food hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 & The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949. By having a Defender Pest Control continuous pest control plan in place, you will be able to safeguard your business and comply with much of this legislation. You will be able to achieve a higher Food Hygiene rating, maintain a safe working environment for you and your staff and protect any visitors to your premises- a win for all!


We hope this blog has helped you and answered some of your queries. Defender Pest Control based in Merseyside are happy to offer advice to anybody so give us a call today for any help on 0151 605 1911

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