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In the UK it is estimated that there are over 18 million feral pigeons, a population which is ever increasing. Pigeons pose a serious problem for humans when they invade our environment, which is why it is so important to control, contain and deter them as soon as possible.

The necessary gap between your solar panel and roof offers pigeons a perfect nesting space- safe, warm, and nice and high! Pigeons nesting under solar panels is a rapidly increasing problem across the nation. Not only do they make a mess and wake you up in the early hours, their corrosive droppings can dramatically affect the efficiency of your solar panels and even stop them working for good!

The key to protecting your solar panels from pigeons is to act fast, and prevention truly is paramount. Here at Defender Pest Control we want your solar panels to perform as good as the day you got them for years to come! We want your solar panels clean, bird free and protected so you can be sure that your risk of pigeon infestation remains at an all time low. We offer a bespoke, humane and one-stop solar panel protection service. Our method has been tried and tested with a 100% success rate. We use a robust galvanised steel mesh secured to the solar panel edges with an innovative UV-stable clip attached, to ensure there is a 0% chance of pigeons using your solar panels as a safe nesting place.

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