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Flies are pests we see all too commonly not only in the UK but all across the world. We share the planet with over 120,000 different species of flies some of which pose a serious risk to human and animal health. Not only do they pose a risk to our health through their ability to spread diseases (food poisoning, dysentery), they also cause endless annoyance when they invade our homes and businesses, and some species can even bite humans and animals!

If you have spotted increased fly activity around your home or business, it is important to act fast- flies can mature from eggs to adults in as quick as 7 days, meaning a small fly problem can rapidly get out of hand. So, if you’ve had even just a few annoying flies bugging you for a few days it’s time to act- call us today for a rapid response!

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Types of Flies

Here, at Defender Pest Control we are regularly called out to treat fly infestations. Below we have listed the most common flies we deal with on a day to day basis:

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are around 6-10mm long, their thorax is a dark grey-olive colour and is coated in crinkly golden brown hairs, their wings remain overlapped when they are resting. They require warm places to hibernate so will often reside in the upper rooms/ roof spaces of a building during the winter/autumn. When spring comes, they will come out of hibernation and begin laying their eggs outside.  They are also attracted to light so you may see groups of them congregating by your windows. A mass of cluster flies will have a distinct smell which can be used to help establish if you have an infestation.

Bluebottle Flies

Bluebottle flies are around ¼”-1/2” in length, are a metallic blue colour and are also known as blow flies. Bluebottles are some of the most common flies we see especially around dustbins. They are known carriers of disease which stems from their scavenger nature- they spend a lot of time around animal faeces and dead animals! You may see their larvae around your home during an infestation, the larvae are white and is around ¾” and will only take between 7-12 days to mature- it’s important to get a handle on these pests before they rapidly multiply in your home or property.

House Flies

House flies are around 5-8mm in length, they have a grey thorax with narrow stripes and their abdomen is a light brownish/yellow colour. They are a very intricate and well adapted breed, they have small hairs on their abdomen that are taste organs, and their eyes have thousands of lenses giving them a broad sense of vision. They can infest a wide range of premises and are one of the major carriers of disease. They are attracted to food, food waste and faeces. Alike to blue bottles you may come across their larvae which are white and 12mm long when mature.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are around 3mm in length, they are a yellow-brown mottled colour and have bright red eyes. They are commonly found infesting fruit and fermented residue found in orchards, breweries, and vegetable plots. They are slow in flight and tend to hover which can be useful in identifying them.

Signs of Fly Infestation

With their constant buzzing flies are nothing short of a nuisance, seeing one or two flies around your home or business may not mean you have an infestation, but as we have already discussed it may be a sign a bigger problem is on the horizon. It is important if you see an increased level of fly activity in your home or business you start to take action, below we list some other common signs of a fly infestation.

  • Small dark cluster spots- they will be in light areas and be about the size of a pinhead.
  • Seeing maggots- these are flies in their larvae stage, they are white and can indicate that flies are breeding on your premises.

Flies in Your Commercial Property

Having flies around your commercial property can have detrimental effects, their presence will be a cause of concern not just for you and your staff but your customers also. For many people flies are known carriers of disease and having them in your business creates sadly a negative image- implying your business is unsanitary, unhygienic, and unclean especially if your business specialises in hospitality and food handling.

Having a fly outbreak in your business could lead to not only loss of custom and income it could also lead to you being shut down, if you fail to tackle an infestation and do not have adequate prevention measures in place.

Here, at Defender Pest Control we can provide your business with a free site survey and quotation for one of our tailor made service plans to ensure flies do not become a problem in your business

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There are some steps you can take to reduce your chance of flies invading your home or business, we have listed some of the best steps below:

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