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Mites are the smallest pest we have in the UK- they are hardly visible to the naked eye. Despite their minute size mites are not a pest to be taken lightly if they have set up camp in your home or business. If you suspect you have a mite infestation in your home or business then it is important you take immediate action and contact a pest controller. Here, at Defender Pest Control we are able to provide a one stop guaranteed solution to any mite infestation you may be experiencing!

A small number of mites are capable of causing diseases in humans and domestic animals. Often the main sign that your home or business has been infested with mites is the presence of small, red itchy bites on yourself or those around you. Mites are able to cause scabies and asthma, so it is very important if you suspect them in your home/business you act fast! Coinciding with the small, red, itchy bites you or those around you may also experience- nasal congestion/sneezing, itchy/red watery eyes, a cough, difficulty breathing, and chest tightness.


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Types of Mites

Mites are arachnids alike to spiders, they hatch from an egg as a six legged nymph and go through several moulting stages as they mature, during which they acquire another set of legs. There are many different species of mite, some mites are parasites of plants and animals, and others are able to infest our food. Below we list some of the most common species of mite:

Dust Mites

These are one of the most common mites who can invade our homes and some businesses. They feed on dust and flakes of dead skin that are left behind by us, they live on mattresses and other types of upholstery. Dust mites are quite dangerous to humans as they can cause allergic reactions and can worsen asthma in affected individuals.

Bird Mites

These mites are known for parasitising a wide variety of birds such as pigeons, sparrows, and poultry. When birds leave their nests these mites can invade nearby homes. Once they have a suitable host bird mites can rapidly multiply, although they are not known to transmit infectious diseases they can administer irritating bites. 

Flour Mites

These mites contaminate food products such as flour, cereal, rice, and dried fruit, they can also contaminate damp plater used for building works. When mites are present in these products they have the ability to be introduced into our homes. These mites have a white body with brown legs and are pretty much naked to the human eye, so it is difficult to tell if they are present in your home/these products. These mites can spread fungus and cause mould as well as causing Grocer’s itch in people that handle infested product.

Mould Mites

These mites are similar to dust mites- just they feed on mould instead of dust. If you have/ had mould if your home or business it is possible you may be exposed to these mites. They are white or tan in colour and are basically invisible to the human eye, you may however be able to spot them in mould as a discoloured patch. These mites are not particularly dangerous to humans, but they can cause respiratory problems if their shedded long hairs are inhaled by humans.


As with any pest prevention is key, below we list some of our top tips to keep your home and business mite free:

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