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Moles are a rare sight and for many of us we will go through our whole lives not seeing them or being affected by their disruptive digging. Moles can cause extensive damage to lawns, fairways, sports grounds, and formal gardens as they create complex tunnelling systems underground leaving behind unsightly molehills. If your once beautifully landscaped lawn has become subject to a mole infestation give us a call today, we are able to stop these skilful excavators in their tracks before they leave you with no lawn!


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Sadly, there is not much you can do to prevent a mole infestation. For most pests making the conditions inhospitable and removing their food source normally prevents an infestation, but for moles it would be impossible to remove their food source (worms, larvae, grubs), as worms are needed for the work they do to keep our soil nice. For some pests it is possible to effectively proof your property to block any entry points, but this again would not be easy for moles as you would need to dig up your grounds which would be costly. Moles are known to run away if they hear loud noises and vibrations which may be something to consider if you have frequent infestations and the resources available to do so.


If your home or business has been subjected to a mole infestation it is important to call in a professional to ensure a swift removal of the mole before they create further damage. Here, at Defender Pest Control we have a 100% success rate in mole removal using the most trusted and time efficient techniques.

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Moles Biology

Moles have a short cylinder shaped body and are grey/black in colour. They have a 6 inch body with a 1 inch tail, spade like feet, and a pink snout. Moles use their two front paws to dig away at the earth creating tunnels, they then use their snouts and whiskers to feel around these tunnels. Interesting fact moles can dig up to 40 foot in depth!


Moles breeding season tends to run from February to June and there are usually 3-4 moles per litter and their nests are underground. Besides this breeding period moles tend to live a fairly solitary life, so it is likely that the damage to your grounds has been caused by one singular mole.


They are carnivorous creatures feeding on invertebrates (worms, grubs, and larvae) that fall into their tunnels. Moles have very poor eyesight which is due to the absence of light in their preferred living conditions. Their favourability to darkness is one of the main reasons why we rarely see them as they prefer to stay underground.


If moles have invaded the grounds surrounding your home or business, you may be wondering why. The main reasons why moles venture into the human environment is that they have found a regular food supply of their favourite foods. Moles will not enter your property, but they can cause damage to the foundations of your property if they are left untreated for a prolonged period of time.


Moles can cause considerable damage to the land surrounding your property with their extensive digging- they can make the ground unstable. It is also important to control a mole infestation as their molehills can damage garden maintenance equipment. 

Signs of a Mole Infestation.

Unlike other pests, we rarely see moles, but if you have an infestation, you will definitely know about it! Some of the common tell-tale signs are:

  • Excavated soil around your grounds (molehills).
  • Raised ridges around an opening in the ground.
  • Uneven ground.
  • Disruption to your roots, plants and seedlings around your garden, flower beds and vegetable plots.

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