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Ants entering your home or business can be a serious nuisance. An ant colony can hold up to half a million ants, that’s right 500,000 ants! As soon as you see one ant scuttling across your floor or kitchen work tops it is likely that the remainder of the colony are not far behind! Here at Defender Pest Control, we offer a 2 part guaranteed treatment to tackle any ant problem.

There are over 13,000 species of ant across the world, but the majority of these prefer a warmer climate. In the UK the main ants we see are Black Garden Ants, luckily, they do not carry diseases. But when they invade are homes and businesses on the hunt for food, we do not know where or what they have been rummaging in outside- so we definitely do not want them invading our food cupboards.

Here at Defender Pest Control, we also offer solutions for ant infestations found outside the home, in gardens and driveways. On driveways that have been block paved and sealed with sand, ants can become a nuisance as they make trails in the sand often moving the placement of the blocks.

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Signs of Ant infestation (Domestic)

Ants in Your Commercial Property

Ants in Your Commercial Property

If you have signs of an ant infestation in your business, it can have detrimental effects and put your business in jeopardy. So, it is important to control any infestation as soon as the problem arises. This is even more paramount for places such as restaurants, pubs, and warehouses storing food. Not dealing with an ant infestation or, failing to have adequate ant prevention measures in place in a business that handles food and water, puts your business at a huge risk of being irrepealably damaged or closed for good. To name a few, your reputation can be damaged if a member of the public spots an ant infestation, there will be heavy costs incurred for food spoilages through ant activity and a general sense of fear will arise in your customers as they question your hygiene standards. At Defender Pest Control we can provide your business with lasting solutions to any ant infestation you may encounter, we will not only eradicate the problem, but we can also provide a service plan by which monthly visits allow better prevention and control for any future outbreaks. You can contact one of our friendly advisors today who can arrange a free site visit, survey, and quotation for one of our tailored service plans!

You may have seen an ant nest which is a common sign of an infestation. An ant nest looks like a small pile of soil or dirt. Ants chose to nest in quiet dark places such as inside walls. A nest can be difficult to spot but if you see several ants around your property, it may be worthwhile having a look for a nest in any dark quiet areas of your home.

Some ant species will lay a pheromone trail to a food source. By doing this other ants are attracted to the pheromone that will lead them to a food source. You may be able to see multiple ants travelling together in a line, if you can follow the line, you may be able to find the food source encouraging the infestation or the ants entry point.

  • Seeing a large number of live ants is one of the easiest tell-tale signs that you may have a problem. If you find several ants in your kitchen or any other areas where you prepare or store food, it’s time to act fast and stop the infestation in its tracks.
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Most ants enter our properties on the hunt for food. They are attracted to mainly sweet and sticky items, but if your property is supplying ants with a constant source of food an infestation can become a regular occurrence. Below we give you our top tips for preventing an ant infestation in your property:

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