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Here at Defender Pest Control a common pest we are often called out to treat is fleas. Fleas are a particularly common problem in UK homes with pets, however they can be present in homes without pets.
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Here at Defender Pest Control a common pest we are often called out to treat is fleas. Fleas are a particularly common problem in UK homes with pets, however they can be present in homes without pets. Fleas are parasites meaning they live on an organism of another species (the host)- most commonly in their hair. Cats and dogs therefore are not the only animals subject to flea infestation- rabbits, foxes, squirrels, mice, rats and livestock can all be affected.

The biggest concern with fleas in your home or business comes from their bites. Their bites are not usually painful however they can result in an itchy reactive rash. If your beloved pet is bitten by a flea the outcome can be much more adverse. Pets can develop allergic reactions to the fleas saliva and in some rare but severe cases with prolonged untreated exposure your pet may develop anaemia from the repeated loss of blood. It is therefore paramount to act fast when you suspect a flea infestation in your home or business.

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Signs of Flea Infestation


It is not easy to distinguish if your home or business has fell victim to a flea infestation as they can be so hard to see.

One of the most common tell-tale signs however is itching. Your dog or cat may be constantly scratching, licking or biting themselves, if your pet is you can use a flea comb to comb their fur and check for any adult fleas or eggs. It may be difficult in darker coloured pets to spot fleas whilst combing, but a good tip is to place a sheet of paper underneath your pet so you can see if any fleas or eggs fall out.

Furthermore, if you or anyone else in your household is itchy as well as your pet it may be possible that you have been bitten by a flea-commonly around the ankles and legs.

Fleas and their eggs can often be found in carpets, clothes, upholstered furniture and pet bedding. It is therefore possible that you may see fleas jumping around your carpet and your furniture even if your pet is not already itching!

If any of the above our occurring in your home or business today call Defender Pest Control for a prompt and timely solution to stop fleas in their tracks!

Types of Flea

It is estimated that there are over 2500 species of flea in the world. In the UK there are many species but below are the most common that affect homes and businesses nationwide.

Ctenocephalides Felis

(Cat Flea )

Cat fleas are wingless ticks around 3mm long they have long legs which enables them to jump easily. Cat fleas will often nest in its host organisms usual resting place e.g., their bed. Cat fleas primary host is domestic cats however they have also been known to readily bite humans and dogs too. It’s important to note however, that the cat flea cannot complete its life cycle feeding on human blood alone.

Ctenocephalides Canis

(Dog Flea)

Dog fleas are a brownish black colour and around 1-4mm long, their body is flattened sideways which allows them to move easily through animal’s fur. They are able to cling onto the host organism’s hair during grooming which can make them difficult to see and extract. They are also able to jump up to 6 inches meaning they can easily move between animals.

Pulex Irritans

(Human Flee)

The human flea is much less common in the UK now, however in farming areas where pigs are present, they can survive by attaching to the hair of pigs. If a pig is infested with human fleas it is easy for the flea to jump from pig to human. The flea is between 1-4mm long and is a brownish black colour without wings, if the flea invades the human body it can bite anywhere on the body causing itchiness and irritation. Due to the fact that human fleas can jump from one species to another there is a risk of diseases being transmitted. The human flea can also be found in rabbits, deer, rats, foxes and dogs.


Although there will always be a chance for cat and dogs to be infested with fleas, there are some steps you can take to prevent fleas entering/ re-entering your home or business:

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