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Defender Pest Control showing a solar panel array on the roof of a residential property

Pests Ruining Your Carbon Free Dreams

With the ever increasing cost of energy and the growing concern with our environment, more and more people are installing solar panels up and down the country. According to there are roughly 1.2 million UK homes with solar panels which is expected to have a continual increase. These figures coupled with the UK governments Net Zero Strategy (by 2050) highlight that solar panels will be a regular feature on commercial and residential properties across the nation.

The benefits of installing solar panels are plentiful and it’s not just humans who can (and are) reaping the rewards of these innovative energy savers. Since their introduction in the early 2000’s, pests quickly realised just how beneficial setting up camp under solar panels can be and have been wreaking havoc on panels up and down the country ever since. We, at Defender Pest Control, feel it’s our duty to make everyone aware of the determinantal and devastating effects pests can have on solar panels, so everyone can enjoy a brighter greener future! So, whether you already have solar panels or are considering installing them read on to find out all about pests and solar panels…

Pests, in particular pigeons LOVE solar panels. The necessary gap between the roof and the panels offers the perfect nesting spot- safe, warm, and nice and high. Once on top of your roof and under your solar panels pigeons rapidly set to work- not only creating the ultimate nest but also causing as much disruption to your life as possible! There will be no need for an alarm clock anymore that’s for sure- their cooing will have you up at the crack of dawn, and if that’s not bad enough, the MESS they create will drive you insane!

Defender Pest Control showing a solar panel array on the roof of a residential property

What Damage Will They Cause To Your Solar Panels?

Now, if the mess and noise nuisance is not enough to send you over the edge, their presence can also prove fatal and costly to your solar panels! Year on year, pigeons cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to solar panels which can also dramatically affect the efficiency of your panels in the following ways:

  • Their Droppings: Pigeon droppings are incredibly corrosive and also extremely hazardous to human health. Droppings on the surface of the panels can seriously compromise their function, especially if exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time allowing it to ‘bake’. This will cause permanent damage and discolouration to the panels. Droppings underneath the panels are equally as debilitating due to their highly acidic nature. Droppings will eat through and eventually wear down the electrical equipment of the panels and can also cause damage to roofing membranes, tiles, and shingles. In the early stages droppings will be contained on the solar panels and the top of the roof but as pigeon presence increases as do the droppings and eventually they may begin to run down the sides of the building and cause an unsightly mess. Furthermore, droppings that dry on the buildings surface can enter the structure via vents as minuet, toxic dust particles which can have a devastating and dramatic effect on human health. All in all, bird droppings around your solar panels and home is a BAD situation!
  • The Mess They Create: Pigeon are incredibly messy creatures. Whilst building their nest they will use whatever they can get their hands on and will disperse these nesting materials all over your home and garden during their building process. It’s important to note that these nests are often formed by a deadly combination of droppings and other fluids which pose a serious health hazard- so don’t touch- leave it to the professionals! Furthermore, pigeons nip at panels and have been known to pull away at the wires- this can prove costly and will drastically compromise the efficiency of your panels- even causing them to stop working all together!
  • Pigeons & Their “Friends”: Pigeon presence on solar panels will encourage their other unwanted counterparts to pay your panels a visit. From squirrels to insects pigeons will attract these unwanted pests- who will also chew through your wiring and wreak havoc on your panels. Whether it’s a pigeon or a squirrel once they’ve set up camp on your solar panels it’s only a matter of time before they can make their way into your home through any holes or openings- but that’s a story for another day!
Pigeons perching on the roof of a residential property

Fail Safe Way To Prevent Pests Destroying Your Solar Panels & Carbon Free Dreams:

As we have shown above pigeons and other pests LOVE solar panels, but the damage they can cause is not only disruptive and costly but can also have some serious health implications on all building users. Getting pigeons and other pests to leave your solar panels alone for good can be a never ending battle, and there is a vast amount of information and companies offering varying solutions to this problem. It can be difficult to navigate all of this information but there is truly only one fail safe way to protect your panels, and we feel that we (Defender Pest Control) have the perfect solution. As with most things in life prevention is always better than a cure, but sadly, for many solar panel owners the implications of pests around solar panels is only known once they have already had them installed. Here, at Defender Pest Control we offer a bespoke, humane and one stop solar panel protection service. We have developed our method over many years and are proud to say we have a 100% success rate!

Our method involves installing a robust galvanised steel mesh secured to the solar panel edges with an innovative UV- stable clip that is attached to the underside lip of the panels edge. Therefore, no drilling or gluing is required! The high quality mesh is custom cut to size before being fitted around the perimeter of the solar array with clips being installed at least every 400mm. It is important to note that absolutely no harm is caused to pests during our process and no damage to your panels or roof- a WIN WIN! Furthermore, our method is extremely discrete, and we take immense care throughout our work, ensuring the image of your panels and roof is paramount during our installation process.

We provide a free survey and no obligation quote so if you are in Wirral and surrounding areas give us a call today!

To sum up, pests LOVE nesting under and around solar panels. The damage they cause can be devastating, not only personally but financially. Their droppings can damage your panels and even stop your panels working for good crushing any financial benefits of having panels and ending many carbon free dreams. Once pigeons and other pests have begun nesting under your solar panels they will keep coming back unless you protect your panels. They will lay eggs under your solar panels and once these hatch the next life cycle begins- creating an uphill battle for any solar panel owner. Despite this, the benefits of installing solar panels completely trumps the adverse effects pigeons and pests can have on solar panels, solar panels will slash your energy costs and pave the way to a brighter greener future for all- we just urge you all to consider installing protection as soon as possible to ensure you can reap these fantastic benefits!


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